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Steps to get updates from WSUS Server:

The following steps should help you to get updates from WSUS server:–

  1. Login as Administrator.

  2. Goto Start –> Run –> type gpedit.msc and then press OK.

  3. In the left pane of the window under local Comuter Policy, thee should be two subgroups as “Computer Configuration” and “User Configuration”. Click ‘+’ left to Computer Configuration and then click ‘+’ left to Administrative Templates and then click ‘+’ left to Windows Cmponents. Finally click on Windows Update.

  4. In the right pane, double click on the setting “Configue Automatic Updates”. Make it enabled and select 3-Auto Download and notify for install in the drop down menu. Then click the next setting menu.

  5. Make it enabled and type http://wus (it should b the path of your WSUS server) in the both places. Then click Next setting button.

  6. Make it enabled and type PERSONAL (it can vary depending on users choice). Then click the Next setting button.

  7. Make it enabled and type the startup time as yu want. Then click Next setting button.

  8. Leave this settings as not configured and then click Next seting button.

  9. Make it enabled and type the time duration between each updation. Then click OK.

You have done necesary settings to recieve the windows update from a WSUS server. Now close the window and restart the pc. After restarting the pc, you will be prompted certain updates in the taskbar. The updates are required for your pc depending upon the windows software you had installed. Install the updates. You may be prompted to restart the pc.