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The Programming Language – C

Hello and Welcome to all our readers.

This is Jayanta here. I will be posting topics / tutorials on ‘C’ programming Language.

Before everything, at first, I want to share a brief history of C with you.

This ‘C’ was written by Dennis Ritchie for the OS called “Unix“. While, he was developing Unix, he realized that, there should be a good programming language, so, he developed it.

The simple naming convention behind “C” is, prior to C, there was a language called “B”. B actually was the abbr. of ‘BCPL‘. So, as a casual naming convention, after B, it was named C !!

Before Starting C, I want to share some resources about C.

The software, where you want to write , edit ,run C programs (these softwares are generally called IDE – Integrated Development Environment; hence, I’ll also call IDE..), you need an IDE. Here is a link of a good IDE. Use this one only. IDE

[To install the IDE, just copy the downloaded file to your C drive. Double click it. It will take care of itself.]

And now, books. For books I would prefer E. Balaguruswamy or Y. Kanitkar.

So, this much for today.. Have a good day..