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How to configure a switch port to work in Promiscuous mode?

Following are the steps to configure a switch port to work in promiscuous mode.

  1. Connect to console port (using hyper terminal [port com1, speed 9600 bps]).
  2. Run the following commands:

    # configure terminal.

    # no monitor session 1.

    # monitor session 1 source interface fastEthernet 0/1.

    # monitor session 1 destination interface fastEthernet 0/24.

    # encapsulation dot1q.

    # end

    # show monitor session1.


    [Note: Promiscuous mode refers to the special mode of Ethernet hardware, in particular network interface cards (NICs), that allows a NIC to receive all traffic to the network, even if it is not addressed to this NIC. In a wider sense, promiscuous mode also refers to network visibility from a single observation point.]


Uninstalling GRUB Boot loader:

July 18, 2009 1 comment

  1. Format the Linux partitions to create unallocated space, if you haven’t already. You can find a walkthrough on how to do this under External Links listed below.
  2. Change the BIOS so that your computer boots your CD drive first.
  3. Insert the Windows XP disc and reboot. It may take a few minutes to load.
  4. Select ‘Recovery Console’ by pressing ‘r’.
  5. Select the Windows system to log on to. The default option is ‘1’.
  6. Press enter to bypass the administrative password prompt.
  7. Type fixboot and press enter.
  8. Type fixmbr and press enter.

    Hope these will fix the MBR. J

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